November 11 2012 – Wagenburg Breslau

On 11th November 2012 about 7 pm., after the march of the patriots organized by NOP (National Rebirth of Poland) party, a group of over 100 people invaded the premises of ALTERNA VITA Centre for Green Technologies association for ecology and education. After an unsuccessful attempt to force the entrance gate, they got inside through a neighbouring lot (owned by Gant company). Using stones, flares, bottles and truncheons, they unexpectedly attacked the residents and friends of the Association, 16 people altogether. In the course of the incident two people were brutally beaten (broken arm, head injury). One of them was admitted to hospital in a critical state.

At the same time, our fence was damaged, the cars on the premises smashed (broken windscreens, punctured tires, dented bodies) and windows of most of the wagons (house trailers) broken. After the incident, which lasted less than 20 minutes, the attackers left.
We are shocked by the situation that took place.
As the Centre for Green Technologies, hosting ecological projects and cultural events, we would like to bring the attention of the citizens of Wrocław to the violence taking place in the city, since the attacks on liberation environments and non-governmental organizations have increased in the recent months. We also wish to call attention to the unpunished activities of the ultra-right wing organizations in our city.
We demand the authorities of Wrocław, who have been shaping the image of the city as a place for equality, tolerance and openness for years, to take interest in this problem.
We do not want Wrocław to be merely a hackneyed slogan of tolerance.
As an integral part of this city we want to feel free and safe!
We are also denying the rumour regarding a ‘second attack’ that did not take place.
At the same time would like to ask for support from those interested in our situation.