Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Operation Obelix, a menhir in your face, Ayrault!

Story of the assaults and looting by the forces of capitalist destruction. Written thanks to the testimony of many friends.

*Le Sabot* –  Tuesday,

We woke up at 5:00am and had coffee together. The cops showed up by the Paquelais road around 7:00am at daybreak. We got the info that the cops had attacked the south barricade. They moved without the usual three warnings, they spent thirty seconds at the burning barricade before getting some paint-eggs in their faces. They secured the whole road from the Far Ouezt to Sabot. Clashes occured at the first barricades of the Sabot. Cops managed to bypass the barricades through the fields and make us move back by copiously spraying tear gas in our faces. Sixty of us charged the cops. An exchange of various colourful projectiles and colorful shots against their tear gas. Cops and officials are forced to retreat, suffocated by their own tear gas, those big assholes. We spend all the afternoon in a tense face off. In the afternoon, the cops manage to secure the Sabot. Any resistance becomes impossible. The Zadists can no longer defend themself once the bulldozer has destroyed all the barricades and opened a trench along the Paquelais road.

Thirty people in solidarity with the struggle sit in front of the gaping hole left on the road, preventing the bulldozer to enter the community garden. The pigs take a lot of shit. Their eyes, without a shred of humanity and gray matter, remain unmoved despite the relentless jokes that from all sides. The night cops and the Departmental Directorate of Equipment collaborators who are working with them go away booed.


A small gathering in the Sabot followed by breakfast. The day before, Caesar’s legions destroyed all the barricades and projectiles (5 barricades smashed the shovel, paint-eggs, rotten vegetables, bottles of paint, stones, shield to protect from tear gas and rackets to throw it back to the pigs). In the early-morning, only one barricade protects us from the cops, built in the night by newly arrived comrades, farmers and supporters that came on the spot. Cops surprise us by very quickly spreading out in the field. They keep their position thirty meters from us. The cops shoot us with tear gas from behind then gas the road of the Sabot where we are. It quickly becomes impossible to stay there, the atmosphere is unbreathable and we are a bit helpless in front of the robocops. We move back they advance, gas mask on the snout, and they quickly enter and block off the Sabot (west side). The cops also take the East side of Belishroot barricades, barricades of Pimky (north) and contain people at the Far West (south). Speed confrontation, which leaves us with a bad taste of powerlessness. Different groups are trying to focus on the machinery to slow down their work, but the convoy is well protected, foot patrols, escorts and all the trimmings. Result of the day of destruction: the common house of the Sabot is down, the collective garden is devastated, home of the Cent Chênes (former bakery from ZAD, bread is excellent, thank you) is also destroyed. Three other houses we built on the Sabot zone are also down the ground. Cop climbers tackle the treehouses. © Zadist

*Rohanne **Forest *

Tuesday, around 3:00pm, cops charge Rohanne forest with the aim to destroy the huts in the trees. Cops make use of many rubber bullets. The bastards aim for the head. A friend testifies that he took a flashball shot in the neck. Several friends were injured by shrapnel of concussion grenades. Others are wounded by rubber bullets.

On Wednesday morning, the police surrounded the forest and secured everything. Police trained for mountain rescue begin to fetch activists still perched in the trees to protect the huts. A cherry picker destroyed a hut under heavy protection of the cops.

The cops destroyed several huts with cherry pickers during the day. The zadists on the spot remain powerless in front of insurmountable repression.

*Barricades north and south on the Vigneux **road *

Tuesday morning, 7:30am, the cops take the central barricade running through the Suez road. Some of the activists go back to the south barricade and end up in the fields of the right to pass through the Rohanne forest and defend the north barricade blocking the road that leads to the Vache Rit. At the intersection of the Fosses-Noires and Vigneux road a battucada enters the cow field in front of the Saulce. Bulldozers and trucks full of rubble come and go and begin their death ballet. The house will finally be razed to the ground, the tree houses destroyed and also all the buildings on the ground. Cops that protect bulldozers and trucks receive paint-eggs. The cops, already ridiculous, are the laughing stock of the people there. Fierce Zadists resist on the north barricade all day long. The cops sprayed the activists on site with tear gas and concussion grenades. The barricade withstands the onslaught of helmeted frenzy until 5:00pm.

*Pimky Road*

The cops were in front of the Pimky on Tuesday afternoon. The demo which started from Notre Dame at 10:00am is just on the left side after the Fosses-Noires road. Many zadists and supporters make a human chain to prevent cops from accessing to the road to the cabin. The next morning, two friends hidden in the bushes for an hour and a half hear the cops make bad jokes. These brainwashed idiots finished by taking apart the four tents on site in the midst of filthy laughs.

*Search at the Secherie*

Wednesday afternoon, several police vans surrounded the Secherie making it impossible for inhabitants to enter or exit. Two officers of the Judicial Police are looking for a transmitter, certainly annoyed by the continuous emission of Radio Klaxon making the socialist state, cops and Vinci look ridiculous for the past two weeks. After an unsuccessful search of two long hours, the whole ridiculous troop go back, tails between their legs, hands empty. A bulldozer pulls up a tree on the site of the former house of the Coin, under heavy police escort along the the Fosses-Noires road. Our comrades hassle the pigs until they leave.


The cops block the roundabout of Ardillères and Paquelais and search all vehicles. It seems that we expect a new wave of repression tomorrow “par Toutatis” !

AND for more … Obelix operation is launched !

The struggle will continue until the total defeat of the enemy forces and the withdrawal of socialist occupation army from the ZAD.

In the end, Vinci and the Left Government must not misunderstand ! The fact that nearly all of our living places are destroyed will not make us renounce. Quite the opposite. We will rebuild on the ruins that Caesar’s legions have left. We will now be more mobile and reactive to future attacks of the French state, of Vinci and its subsidiary AGO.

The State lies ! The ZAD is absolutely not evacuated ! We are all there and ready for anything ! This place will not be concreted !

Operation Obelix : A menhir in your face, Ayrault ! Vinci, out of our lives!

Inhabitants of the ZAD []