Dutch government wants to silence critic on queen


Today saw our dear server Squat!Net unreachable for several hours due to a court order directed at http://grotebroek.nl. The public prosecutor didn’t take kindly to a picture (mirror) of a poster announcing the Hang The Queen Party at this legalised squat in Nijmegen (NL). Considering this an insult to the monarchy and thus a felony offense, they ordered the datacenter colocating our server, Leaseweb, to take down the site.

This resulted in our main IP address being blocked, effectively taking offline hundreds of websites, email accounts and mailing lists. After discussing the issue with Leaseweb, who were bound by the court order to keep the site unavailable, we decided together with the comrades from Grote Broek to temporarily disable http://grotebroek.nl in order to get the block lifted and all the other services back online.

We would like to stress that the server has not been seized and none of the data, except for http://grotebroek.nl, has been affected by these events.

We are not only outraged by this blatant censorship, whose only aim appears to be keeping the highest of upperclass comfortable and far away from dissenting voices, but also by the amount of collateral damage the public prosecutor is willing to cause in doing so. Tomorrow our lawyers will try to do what they can to get everything back online, tonight is our night to show solidarity.

Yours truly,
squat.net team

hang the queen!


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