France: Baliff’s visit on occupied land in the ZAD

For some time already, the expropriation judge has been coming under military escort to evaluate the agrigultural land which AGO-Vinci still have to expropriate.

This morning (5th of april), a new step has been taken in their attempt to empty the zone.
A bailiff passed by almost all of the pieces of land occupied by people in cabins, tents, vans and caravans, under the distant but vigilant eyes of at least 5 or 6 vans of riot pigs.
He stayed at the entrance of most of the terrains he visited, he entered into some others, took photos sometime, sometimes asked for the name of the people living there (which were never given), sometimes asked nothing. All this under the pretexte of working for land registry, verifying if the land is occupied, evaluating the « sanitary conditions », of the living space, all the while playing the role of the simple worker who happily carries out his filthy job…
For the moment, due to the lack of informations given by the bailif and the contradictory informations concerning illegaly occupied land, there are no clear answer as to the consequences of the bailif little visit. It seems very likey that they are trying to make all the ocupied areas evictable to be able to attempt to empty the ZAD when they feel like it…

Death to all bailiffs !
They won’t empty the zone, they won’t build their airport !

[published on the ZAD website]