Warsaw: Elba squat violent eviction

Today/now.., without warning, Elba squat in Warsaw is being violently evicted. Elba is the longest running and largest independent cultural center in Warsaw.

This is a part of a Polish live report, translated with g00gl, source: http://poland.indymedia.org/pl/2012/03/55240.shtml
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10:37 Warsaw
A few hours ago, the guards broke into the company Eggs supported by the police. Residents resisted. At least six people barricaded themselves on the roof. Supporters gathered outside the Elbe organizing a solidarity demonstration. The demonstrators are trying to get inside to help the squatters, they broke the gate, which is now blocked by the police.

Security guards inside the wreck, probably in order to place looked unused (??).. One of the residents barricaded himself in his room, refusing for three hours to leave, the police failed during these hours to show him the eviction order.

The officers consistently refuse to provide the legal basis of their own activities. (and it is worth mentioning that the protection period continues, ejector break so right. Residents squat for several hours also prevents illegal access to their private property. ??) According to unconfirmed information, among them a pregnant woman

There is confirmed information on arrest of one person

There is a timeline on: http://poland.indymedia.org/pl/2012/03/55240.shtml


GOOD NEWS! Elba is still there!

All police officers retreated from the squat and left the area. Defenders (supporters) of Elba moved in to the center to evaluate the damage…. http://poland.indymedia.org/pl/2012/03/55240.shtml