France: ZAD, Eviction document converted into eviction attempt

The 13th of January, “Les Planchettes”, “Bel-Air”, “Le Tertre” and “La Gaité” received a letter from the baliff announcing that he had come to deliver a “document of eviction converted to an attempt at eviction” on the 10th, but hadn’t found anyone to give it to.

He would also ask the police chief for help from the “forces of order”, but we still haven’t managed to know the response of the police chief.

It seems they are going to try to not apply the “winter truce” (which means no evictions until March 15) that the judge seems to have given.

At the same time, the houses of “Le Pre falli”, “L’Après Faillite” and “Saint-Jean du Tertre” are evictable since the 9th (of January) and the men in blue are prowling…

translators note- The legal document left by the baliff states that the houses of “Les Planchettes”, “Bel-Air”, “Le Tertre” and “La Gaité” are evictable starting the 10th of January.

[published on the ZAD website]