Elba squat in Warzaw threatened with eviction!

There’s an alarm call [in polish language] about eviction on their website : http://elba.bzzz.net

Elba was established in autumn 2004 and is run by collective of people who decide about the place by consensus. The collective include both people living here and people organising events and running workshops, all taking part in decision making.
They are involved in series of social and political actions, and we try to make our squat an active place, open for many different ideas. Among other things you will find here freeshop, bike workshop, rehearsal room, screenprinting workshop, climbing wall, skatepark, cafeteria and concert/perfomance room.

Hopefully more detailed information in english language soon.

See also here for more background information about Elba : http://www.spottedbylocals.com/warsaw/squat-elba