Sydney: Workshop about squatting movements in Europe, at Occupy Sydney

Next saturday, January 14th, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm, let’s go to Occupy Sydney’s free school, there’s gonna be a workshop about squatting movements in Europe!

Occupy Sydney
Martin Place
CBD, Sydney
(In the case of heavy rain on Saturday, we will relocate some of Free School to the Visual Arts Space at 43/51 Cowper Wharf Rd. Walk through the Domain from Martin Place.)

The workshop is about squatting movements in Europe, focusing on the diversity of squats we can find in France and in Spain, taking different examples like the squats open in Barcelona in 2010 during the general strike and some other examples in France. A few words will be told about the intersquat solidarity in Europe and about the international website
Some tips will be given about how to find and open and empty space. And afterwards, a discussion will happen, making links/relations between what happens in Europe and what happens in Sydney/Australia.