Amsterdam: Persistent resistance at the 01-11-2011 eviction wave

Today, the 1st of November 2011, there were quite a few squats on the list to be evicted in Amsterdam, including a popular social centre and squats where the owners did not start a courtcase yet.

After the successful “reclaim the hood” manifestation (posting in dutch language, but with photos) the squatters in Amsterdam started preparing for the “eviction circus” on 1/11/11, and that went very well.

It took the cops more than a full 12 hour day to evict more than five squats where people were inside with lockons (photo from webcam). This was a clear victory for the squatters.

After the anti-squat ban from last year it has became clear that the new mayor in Amsterdam (Eberhard van der Laan, a former lawyer who was giving advice to corrupt directors of housing corporations) intends to evict all the squats in Amsterdam, step by step.

Perhaps he does so to please the right wing government in The Hague, or perhaps to please his housing owner contacts, or to look much more tough than the former mayor, Job Cohen, who was seen as a laid back tea drinking mediator.

Ironically enough, the vice minister of “Safety and Justice” Fred Teeven said last week that cities in the Netherlands can decide themselves to use the anti-squat ban or not, but van der Laan simply continues with the all or nothing eviction strategy.

Now that squatting is getting more and more difficult in Amsterdam, and anti-squatting becoming more and more popular and accepted, and after minister Donner (Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) managed to get a new law passed which will probably lead to a rent explosion for tens of thousands of houses, it seems to be the right time for new tactics. Regarding that, the squatters in Amsterdam East did a fabulous job today!

More photos here : Persbericht Ontruimingsgolf 01-11-11

Time-lapse camera in the Linnaeusstraat squat, more than 5 hours work to break the lock-on: