Amsterdam: New squat Valreep wins courtcase for opening event

September 10th, 2011

Valreep is a new squat in Amsterdam East. People there have been working very hard to clean up all the mess inside and make it into a social centre.  The District Council (Local Government) was not amused, and came very often to do “inspections”.  The Valreep people announced their official opening happening, and then the day before the opening the District Council came with the announcement to forbid the happening, otherwise a fine of 25 000 (!) euros would have to be paid.

The Valreep people quickly started a courtcase against this, and the next morning a won courtcase was there!

The opening was a big success, a rare sunny day with hundreds and hundreds of people.

Afterwards, during a District Council meeting it turned out that a majority of local politicians is enthusiastic about the place as well.