Utrecht (NL): A squat brutally demolished while the residents were still inside the building!

October 27th, 2010
– english translation –


The squat on Gageldijk 71 in Maarssen (just outside of Utrecht, NL) has been brutally demolished while the residents were still inside the building. The residents only just managed to escape by jumping through a window from the first floor into the neighbour’s garden. At that moment the demolition workers, who knew there were people inside the building, were destroying the roof with heavy machinery sending wood, stones and glass flying around.

Just before the first blow from the excavator, one of the residents hung out of the window to inform what was going on. (S)he could barely manage to jump away in time not to be hit by the machine.

After promising to leave the building (which was by then already in ruins) they got ten minutes to retrieve their belongings.


The residents are making a formal accusation of attempted murder.


It is not the first time Bergervoet (owner of, amongst others, TopParken en SuccesParken) treats residents and real estate in this manner. On the contrary, over the years he has built up quite a reputation of intimidation and vigilantism.



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