Torino (Italy): Demonstration in solidarity with the squatters, 19 dec. 2009

Solidarietà… Solidarity… Solidaridad… Solidarité…


Torino city council, with the “leftist” Chiamparino at its head, has decided last november 16th to evict every squat in Torino. The anarchist squats are especially threatened: l’Asilo, the Barocchio, El Paso, Mezcal, Lostilo, la Boccia squat, etc.


This a sort of declaration of war against the squat movement. The Torino’s anarchist and autonomous squats call to mobilization and resistance.


The anarchist squat movement in Torino is an important reality for near than 30 years. Every solidarity action is welcome, send messages to squat at and to the websites Tutto Squat and Indymedia-Piemonte. You also can demonstrate in front of italian embassies and consulates, and other italian representations.

Welcome in Torino also.

Spread the info.


Demonstration against repression and squats evictions
Saturday 19 december 2009 – 2pm
in front of Porta Susa train station – Torino

10.. 100.. 500.. 1 000.. 5 000.. 10 000 occupazioni !