Istanbul: Resistance days against World Bank and International Monetary Fund


Global elites will meet in Istanbul between 28th September – 7th October 2009 to discuss their new plans for exploiting all humanity and the world. For this reason we organized an extremely festive action programme.

We’re inviting everyone – who has a problem with capitalism and the global destruction it created – to the streets and calling everyone to make Istanbul hell for the IMF & the WB!


1st October – We’re in the streets against the Social Security Law!
Place: Taksim Gezi Park
Time: 11:00
2nd October – Global resistance day against the ecological destruction of capitalism !
Place: Galatasaray Square
Time: 15:00
3rd October – Global resistance day against Urban Transformation, Gentrification, and Homelessness ! Place: Taksim Square
Time: 15:00
4th October – Global insurrection day against capitalism
Place: Tunnel Square
Time: 15:00
6th – We’re shutting the IMF & the WB meeting down!
Place: Tunnel Square
Time: 10:00
7th October – We’re shutting the IMF & the WB meeting down!
Autonomous Actions
Place: Everywhere
Time: Any time




Call for action in support of immigrants

Using fight against illegal migration as a pretext, Turkish government carries out policies based on repression and deprivation of liberty toward refugees and migrants.

Locked in the so called Yabancılar Misafirhanesi, migrants can be held for more than one year in inhumane conditions waiting for their expulsion of Turkey.

On the 20th of September, prisoners of Kumkapı Misafir Hanesi rebelled themselves against their detention conditions and the mistreatments they suffer from the police. We have to be in the front of Kumkapı Yabancı Misafir Hanesi to show the detainees solidarity and to give them support in their struggle against the deprivation of their basic rights.

We call for the closure of these shameful detention places. We call for the end of repression, detention and deportation of migrants.

We call for a demonstration against Turkish migration policies and detention of migrants on Saturday 26, at 12:00 o’clock in front of Kumkapı Misafir Hanesi.