Prague: Around 100 people detained, squatters evicted

Today, at around 7 o’clock (13th September 2009), the brand new squatted space was evicted by police. Around 25 people, who were occupying the house and sitting on the roof, were arrested. It was announced in the mainstream media, that they might go to court on Monday, for a summary jurisdiction.

In the evening, many people (probably around 70 persons) who were supporting the squat in the streets, were detained. Police used an extremely violent force and several different tactics and weapons. There are unverified informations about some injured protesters, but no serious injuries were reported.

It was also announced, that the squatters might reach a penalty of up to two years imprisonment.

Please, show your solidarity!

Contact: sept09ATsquatDOTnet

This squatting action is a part of a week of unadaptability, which will continue until 19th September and will offer many actions, concerts and a diy carnival in the streets of Prague, the program of the whole week and the statement of the initiative can be found here: