Prague: Another report from 12th Sept 09

im sending you some pictures and videos from first day of action, and brief description of what has happend.

we gathered at one square at prague, than, after an hour of some program, we went to a march thru city to pretend we gonna squat one house on our way. In meantime another group silently squatted house nearby and gave us echo. After echo, we came to this house, and started to support insiders. Some more people passed to house (now there were like 25 people with one guy from press), than the police attacked us, and pushed us from the house.. they wanted to keep distance between us an house. After two hours of negotiation with really high placed police officers, some woman from owner with whatewer stamp she needed told that they dont want us in the house. After another hour they provocativly arrested two of our friends, so there were ome actions against it. Than without any delay, cops started to throw teargas on the street, and theese explosives (like multiple bang) and started to tear us apart and they arrested more people (5 more) There were some wunded people. We regrupped at a square, and decided to go, and try to support our commarades in the house. All area was cutted off, so we came from back of the house, where they had the poorest defence. We builded some barricades, and splitit into two groups (one was like 20 people and the other was like 40. First group was supposed to defend the barricade and second to attack the cops. But we were quite surprised by arrival of two police vans with aproximetly 20 riotcops, and gave echo to people in the street, but only half of our “barricade group” escaped, and both the other half and all of the people attacking the cops were arrested.

Riot cops got into house aroun 5 in morning, they used whatewer they had, even military wehicle rebuilt to riot barricade. And after an hour of cutting thru barricades in the house they arrested all of the squtters in the house and on the roof.

So we have 100 arrested (most of them are allready out with only disobeing of police orders) and another 25 (press guy incl.) has crime of using property… In monday, theres gonna be fast courtcase.

We are asking u for whatewer support u can possibly provide.

In this actionweek, we gonna squat another house.

SQUATTING ACTION IN PRAGUE!!! FROM MONDAY!! (food and place to sleep is ready)

now the photos and videos:… iceli.html