Grenoble (France): Graffiti in solidarity with squatters across the world

In the 400 couverts street, there were different squats between 2001 and 2005 (see In Grenoble like in most of the other big cities in Europe, gentrification is growing.

During the 7th to 8th of july 2009′ night, two graffiti have been written on the 400 couverts street’ walls:
Non à la gentrification. Squat toujours!” and “Grenoble, Prague, Berlin, Milan, etc. Non aux expulsions [No evictions], squat forever

In Grenoble, several squats are “evictable” this summer.

In Prague, Milada squat has been evicted on june 30th, after more than ten years of occupation(s) and activities.

In Berlin, several squats and haus-projekts are threatened by the State for evictions to come.

In Milan, Cox18 calls to solidarity actions.

In lots of other cities, squats are threatened, evictions happen everyday. Solidarité goes further than Grenoble, Prague, Berlin and Milan. It also goes further than the intersquat-connexion only. Private property is harming everybody, not only the squatters.

Let’s add some info: On july 8th la Clinique’ squat in Montreuil (Paris suburb) has been evicted by police special forces, on june 30th the Lille’s Garage squat (France) has been evicted,on may 30th the “centre social autogéré de Pointe-saint-Charles” in Montréal (Canada) has been evicted, and evictions threats are coming in for several squats in Barcelona, and in France for the Pied de biche’ squat in Tours, for Rozbrat in Poznan (Poland), and for several other squats that are less well-known…