Eviction of a squat in St. Petersburg

25th of May in the morning, police evicted squat “Pila” in Ligovsky prospect in St. Petersburg, which had existed for half a year. While police was breaking in, people managed to escape from windows with some valuables, and no-one was arrested. However many valuables were also stolen or destroyed by the cops, for example musical instruments of the squatters. 8 people were living in “Pila” and many activities were organised there. As most Russian squats, “Pila” was clandestine and its existence was not openly announced. Another such squat where concerts were organised was also recently uncovered in Vasilevsky island, and it had to be abandonded due to security threats.

What is interesting, that besides 9 police vans there was also a TV-crew participating to the eviction of the squat in Ligovskiy prospekt. Perhaps they wanted to film some kind of scandalous report on squatters for some kind of cop TV – lately in many cities journalists have reported, that they have been given orders to write reports which put “antifa” and “anarchists” to negative light, and police TV also contacted anti-fascists in Moscow. Slandering in media is just one part of the recent crackdown on Antifa, which is taking place all around the Russia.

As a response to the eviction, squatters recorded a video-message for “inhabitants of St. Petersburg”, and put it to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuu1gcnX4pU

There is no written translitteration in internet so it is hard to translate, but basically they explain what is point of free spaces in the cities, and put squatting struggle in wider context of preserving St. Petersburg – there is an important people’s movement against urban development in the city, which tries to preserve 18th century skyline of the city against such projects as the planned Gazprom skyscraper headquarter.

Also, there is currently a continuous art-hungerstrike going on in St. Petersburg against police brutality and political repression by CPE (Center of Counteraction against Extremism) police force, such as frameup of Artyom Loskutov in Novosibirsk. You may see some photos at: http://ihavexx.livejournal.com/220193.html


(source: http://www.avtonom.org/index.php?nid=2554)