Flensburg: K4 evicted

27th january 2009

Today midday the cops evicted the K4 in a fast move, without any warning. The first supporters arrived about 15 minutes later. The people living in the K4 managed to get away. Supporters got the personal belongings short time after. 5 hours later there was a spontaneous demonstration through the inner city with about 80 people. The cops tried to block the demo from moving to the K4. The demo managed to trick the cops and moved around them. The cops tried to arrest some people later, but they didn’t succeed. It all ended with a speech in front of the K4, where supporters and the people who lived there said to continue the fight. There is more to come, the K4 was just the beginning. Solidarity for the K4! Soli-demo in Hamburg wednesday the 28.01.09 at 19 o’clock at the Rote Flora. The struggle continues!