Amsterdam: Kinkerstraat squat

Here is some very incomplete information on problems around a newly squatted building. It is very unclear, what did really happen from these fragments of information:

This afternoon, on the 18th of january 2008, two ground floor spaces in the Vinkzicht building in the Kinkerstraat were squatted. Soon after the squat the police arrived, inspected the buildings and OK’ed the squat action for the time being. Soon after that -the police had not left yet- some thugs showed up, started harassing the squatters and smashed a window of a snackbar next to the squat. One of these thugs got arrested. The whole scene calmed down and a start was made with cleaning up the place. At seven thirty a gang of about 20-25 thugs showed up, who all spoke Russian. They forced their way into the building with brute force and viciously attacked the squatters, injuring three of them. One had to be admitted into hospital with a fractured jaw. The thugs operated in an organized fashion, as if they were used to using violence together. Soon after the police arrived, and the thugs convinced them that they had been sitting inside peacefully, and that the squatters had attacked them. Only after people from the neighborhood had interfered did the police realize their mistake and then decided to enter the building and arrest the thugs that remained there. The building was then handed over to the squatters again, who have started repairing the damage done by the thugs and firmly barricading the place up.


19.01.2009 01:44

Apparently six squatters got arrested. The number is not confirmed but is based on what people saw on the street.


19.01.2009 16:42

As far as we know now all the five squatters that got arrested yesterday evening are still being held by the police. It is not clear what they are accused of. As soon as there is more news this will be published on Indymedia. For urgent questions call the arrestant group, 06-42413496.


19.01.2009 18:02

One of the squatters that got arrested yesterday just got released. He didn’t receive a summons.



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