Prague: Police intervention in the squat Milada

15 police cars arrived during a party on 2th November 2008 to check the house, they explained that the reason was the loud noise of the party. But they didn’t bother and solve the problem with the DJs, instead of this, they got into the house, waking people up and asking everybody to gather in front of the building. One of the squatters moved to the roof and refused to go down, until replaced by others, those already searched. This person was later detained in the police station for several hours and threatened e.g. with transport to the psychiatric hospital.

The house is officially not existing, as it’s not in the real estate register, but the parcel is, and as there are building plans for the near area, it seems that the whole place might become worth selling.

And with the state preparing for the EU presidency (january – june 2008) and thus increasing police forces and security measures, it’s not surprising that the intimidation of any spaces and initiatives with a potential for confrontation is coming right now.

Please stay alert in case of an eviction attempt!