International call: Solidarity week against “anti-terrorist” repression in France

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You’ll find below a letter from jail as well as an international call for action and solidarity with 4 people locked up in french jails since a few months. They are accused of planning terrorist activity (sometimes just because they were going to a demonstration with DIY smoke bombs) or taking part in sabotage actions. They, amongst others, are pointed out as symbolic figures of the «the resurging threat of anarcho-terrorists preparing for armed struggle». The french State is trying to build up this myth as a reaction to ongoing revolts (migrants’, workers’, students’, struggles against jails…). Faced with waves of radical actions, strikes and an anger that it can’t control, the State tries to isolate part of the « movement » and create divisions. This attempt is closely related to the issue of struggles for autonomous spaces, since state officials, police and media have been accusing « political squats » to be « central ressources » of this new « terrorist threat ». We believe we have to build more visibility, better connexions and a stronger squat movement in order to face this offensive. We also need inspiration from what has been done in Italy, Germany, Spain or in other countries in roughly similar contexts.

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