Geneva (CH): Eradication of alternative culture…

End of July 2007, Geneva: Cave12 is homeless, as are the inhabitants of the squats Rhino and La Tour !

100 people are deprived of their home; three concert venues, one alternative restaurant which was used for debates and meetings, and a day nursery have disappeared within ten days; the squatters are percieved as profit-makers and criminals; the right of private property has become a justification for everything – This is the current situation in Geneva.

Dear friends, who in a way or another have been linked to one of these collective and autonomous spaces – now a rare and endangered species in Geneva’s wildlife.

We ask for your participation in this very simple action. We cannot remain silent observers of the ongoing eradication of Geneva’s alternative culture.

We ask you to write a quick comment, a letter, or maybe just a few words, a drawing… in reaction to those events. Through this action, we hope to influence public opinion, and make policy makers aware of the danger linked to the disappearance of these cultural spaces, and of the lack of cultural and social solutions to replace what squats have offered.


To give you a larger picture of the recent events, we have added a number of articles and statements, which illustrate a few of the many good reasons for keeping these islands of cultural resistance alive (see attachment, sorry not everything is translated…)


Our goal is to gather an impressive amount of statements. You don’t need to write in perfect prose. What’s most important is the quickness of your reaction. We will gather all messages and transmit them to our political representatives, to the local media, and to the persons who ordered the eviction (the landlords, their lawyers and the public prosecutor of Geneva).

e-mail: rhino at

snail mail: rhino@cave12 C/O Sixto, poste restante, 1211 Genève 11 Stand – Switzerland (the faster the better, but your letters will be welcome until end of September)

Thank you!


Association Cave12