Romania: Some Impressions from the first Squat “Rebil” in Romania

On Friday the 6th of July a group of anarchists squatted an old “cinema” building in the city of Iasi, close to the ukrainian/moldavien borders. This first Romanian squat is named “Rebil” as an anagram for “liber” meaning free in Romanian.
Since 4 (?) years the building in the center of Iasi is abandond, belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Cults (means the orthodox and catholic churches), at the same time under the maintainance of RADEF (Autonomous Society for Movie Distribution and Commercialization), both situated in Bucharest.
In 2007 the ministry announced a new law, which supports the selling out of the state cinema spaces to private businesses under the direction of using it for “somekind of art or cultural event”. RADEF announced that under this law it will probably dissolve itself by the end of 2007.

At the time of squatting people had the information that there are two cases in court claiming for the right to use the building.
One, in court since 12 years, is between the ministry and the orthodox priest Merticarie, who claims that the building was originally builded on the grounds of the church. [Read More]


Geneva (CH): Call for mobilization against evictions

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Evacuation of the Squat, La Tour“
July 10th 2007

On Tuesday morning at 10:00, the police invaded “LA TOUR“ under the pretext of carrying out an identity control!

This, so called, identity verification was followed by the arrival of a bailif who preceeded to proclaim that the house was abandoned (the inhabitants being held at the police station).

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