Barcelona: CSO El Baco, new social centre and community garden in horta per el Barco

Email: fuspey (nospam)
Telèfon: 662 347 902
Adreça: 26 pere pau, horta, bcn (beside metro stop horta, lisboa exit)
23 feb 2007
CSO EL BARCO (occupied social centre “the boat” )

Opening doors and making gardens in horta

eviction order for 6 days time, time for rethink and re-action of okupa movement…

New okupa opened in horta on friday last, visit from police on monday, eviction order given yesterday…


Squatters entered on friday night last and on monday morning they began to OPEN THE DOORS.
The mossos arrived and id was given.


Later that day a new community garden was started in the land nearby : food for the ships crew and their friends……


We got a visit from the mossos yesterday, we have been served with an eviction order from the penal, not the civil, this means we must leave in 1 week from yesterday, we will stay till the end time, we are appealing through the courts at present.


So it means we have a week to work, we are all busy doing the different things.
is the website of what we are, it is being edited.


There is very good support from the community to fight for saving the building, or part of it, and from that making a centre for the area. presently there is no social centre in the area and all the community have said they support us, the members of our collective who are from barcelona are actually shocked by how positive the people are, especailly the older ones in their 70´s and 80´s.


Anyway, as the penal order has been slapped on us, we are proposing to hit back in a very creative non violent way, to step up a new form of resistance, as it appears that the authorities have changed their methods of playing the game, in the old days we would have months there, now we have days. so we need also to change the game, which we are currently doing.


Tonight we “open”


5-6 games in placa del jugar / square of play : sitting in sun, playing giant chess and draughts/damas, cards, dominos…..


8-10ish : pica pica flamenco
music and food in the square


Tomorrow : gardening and workshops on sustainable cities and architecture

11.00 am ish , meet in CSO el barco, then walk up to garden to dig, plant, discuss, be
return for tea to CSO.


More later, as things progress, apologies for things not being ordered, we are moving fast on this, and all support in whatever way is hugely appreciated.


Call us at 662 347 902 for info


How to find us:

Metro line blue to HORTA, Lisboa exit, turn head 180 degress on street level and you will see EL BARCO.


nc-mio (at)


Opening doors and making gardens in horta


El Barco