Barcelona: Ruben writes a letter…

¡Salud compañeros!

I’m writing from the prison of Can Brians, in the module number one, and i will make a brief summary since that shitty february 9th (the date of our kidnapping) up today (february 15th, 2006).

Everything starts at 8:30 AM when a friend calls us awakening me and my friend telling me that it seems like Ignasi’s house is being evicted in la Clota. We are a bit slow in reacting, but we decide to go to solidarize with him. We take a breakfast and we go down to the street to go there, when all of a sudden, as appearing from nowhere, a undetermined number of masked catalan secret police jumps on us, telling me i’m arrested for terrorism. The impact on me is pretty brusque, we’re searched against a wall and in this moment i lose my friend from sight, i’m taken into a car and they tell me the charges are setting up fire in a Banco Sabadell and in C.I.R.E. (a public-private enterprise that controls prisoners labour in catalonian prisons), and that they’re going to go upstairs to search my house. I tell them i want my lawyer to be there. They ask me his name and when i tell them, they start to laugh and tell me that only happens in movies, but i insist in my “rights” to be respected. They bring me up to my house handcuffed, with the hood down and making me look to the floor. In the street door i can finally raise my eyes up and then i realice the massive operation they set up, i believe about 14 secret police to be there, since there were 3 cars full of them and other 3 anti-riot vans in Drassanes Avenue.

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