Budapest: FISH exhibition project

Hello good afternoon.

Last weeks, in Budapest, a group of people has established a community to organize the exhibition called FISH. This exhibition is going to take place in many cities and villages all over the world in the same time. We have already got in contact with squats and art communities in Scotland, Greek, Germany, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia and Italy.It is something like an underground movement. This exhibition is going to be organized everywhere from the energy of the local people. We would like to clearly disintegrate every destructive and nihilist elements. We do not like the consequences of the materialist capitalist world either. But instead of destroying we would like to create (sorry for being demagogue).

The aim of the exhibition is to represent values from the spiritual and the mental worlds, what in every single human being work. This exhibition is also a good occasion to establish international squat relationships, which connections make a lot of possibility for exchanging information, for learning about other culture and sub culture for travelers, and of course for organizing international happenings.
The exhibition would be on the streets and in local clubs as well.
The exhibition would be a one-day festival consisting of all kinds of art.
The festival is on the 20th may 2006 (Saturday). So we have time.
If you like the idea, and you know a group of people who would take part of organizing this festival, perform or exhibit on it, than please write me back.
maroti [at] mail [dot] datanet [dot] hu
There is going to be a meeting on the 3rd of October 2005. Where we start to create an electronic forum, and a homepage of the FISH. So if you are interested in, we can send you all the addresses and the details.

I hope you write me back soon.

A member of Androgyn Association