Barcelona: Okupaqueer has been evicted in february 2005

Hi everybody, squatters, queers, and the others

As i still receive lots of mails concerning a queer squat in Barcelone, i have to publish, with 7 months of delay, this news :
In Barcelone, the group called okupaqueer, that finally squatted a big house in Montgat (on the seaside, near to Barcelone) from september 04 to february 05, does not exist anymore, since the eviction.
So don’t send messages to the email box cause you’ll never get any answer.
I used to forward all the messages i get about accomodation, people searching for a place to stay, to queeruption 8, but now that this meeting is over, and that there is not any group that seems to be involved anymore here about queer & squat, i don’t know what to answer.

Bye bye and good luck.