Athens, Greece: LK37 squat attacked by fascists

On the 19th of April, before the beginning of a film show in Lelas Karayanni squat that was celebrating its 17th anniversary with a 2-days festival, a gang of fascists, armed with knives, attacked and tried to invade, throwing petrol bombs to cause fire to the building.

The attack was repelled. During the scuffles outside the squat, two comrades were stabbed by the fascist thugs of the state. Minutes after, the area was surrounded by riot and civil police.

This attack to an open political event is a provocative escalation in a series of fascist assaults that have taken place the last months, against political and social spaces, antiauthoritarian comrades and immigrants. They’re nothing else but assaults by the state itself. They’re part of a wider repressive project with the purpose to terrorize the people engaged in the social-class struggle and destroy the self-organized spaces. Where the state can’t let its mechanisms act directly, the fascist gangs are called to take action, free of any restriction that the official authorities have. In any case, the fascist thugs and their bosses, the state, will always find us ready to confront them. With solidarity as our weapon, we will defend massively, collectively and with every means not only our space, but every space of social and class resistance as well. We will always be in the streets, together with all the people who fight against the state and capitalist brutality, against nationalism and racism, sending the fascists vampires back into their holes from where the state has dug them out.

for freedom, anarchy and communism


Go to the L.K.37 squat website.

comrades from the occupied territory of L.K.37, Athens, Greece