Goiania (Brazil): Violent eviction on february 16th


A large military policy operation with 2,500 men has started this morning (February 16, 2005) for the eviction of the land occupation Sonho Real (Real Dream) in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people got killed, over 800 people got arrested and several people are wounded (five were very seriously wounded). Among the arrested, two Indymedia volunteers, one from Goiânia and one from Indymedia New York.

The occupation started in may 2004 in an area which has been abandoned for years and quickly gathered 3,000 families. In January, Justice ordered the eviction of the families and since then police have been terrifying the families with death threats and sudden attacks. In February 11, police showed up suddenly and shot gas and concussion bombs and fired rubber bullets against the people. One child got hit by a concussion bomb. On February 15, in another attack, police shot bombs and fired with guns. Two people got hurt. After pressure from social movements and human rights groups, state of Goiás Governor Marconi Perillo committed himself not to send police to evict people in a violent way (you can hear his commitment in this recorded audio < http://www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2005/02/307719.shtml>). Today’s attack and the so far confirmed death of two people showed he did not stick to his words.

You can pressure authorities for the release of the arrested and for the investigation of the murders:

Marconi Ferreira Perillo Júnior Goias State Governor Phone # 55 – 62 – 2131456 r.231 Fax # 55 – 62 – 2131479 or 2131481 E-mail: governador [at] palacio [dot] go [dot] gov [dot] br

Jonathas Silva Public Security Secretary Phone # 55 – 62 – 2651000 or 2651050 Fax # 55 – 62 – 2651001 or 2651002 E-mail: Isabela [at] go [dot] gov [dot] br

Full story at Indymedia Brasil: http://brasil.indymedia.org