Barcelona: “La Hamsa” squat threatened with eviction, not yet evicted

Today, March the 29th, at 9:30 a.m expired the closing date for the inhabitants of l’Hamsa to set out of the house by themselves. At 6 a.m, there were at least 30 people standing beside the front door of the centre, that was also guarded by their inhabitants. People continued coming during the dusk, so they gathered at least 300 in case the police decided to evict early in the morning.

At 9:30 a.m, a civil servant turn up to witness if the volunteer eviction had taken place. What he found was a crowded street pack of people that were supporting the inhabitants, as well as some journalists. he realised that people there were not going to evict by themselves, so, as it’s been usual currently, he decided to paralise the eviction, but without giving any oficial paper that stated this.

Later, a member of the squating group drop in the local courts and said that there they have been given a piece of paper where it was stated that the eviction couldn’t take place, that’s to say: since now the police is authorised to evict the house .

About 11 a.m, it was decided to march towards the Spain square, without wandering too much over there, cause people were still afraid of the possibility of being evicted by the police. They managed to stop traffic in Spain square and to stick some placards around that claimed against evictions (STOP EVICTION, LA HAMSA RESISTS) Even a big placard was placed in the big towers that are in the square: YOU WON’T EVICT OUR IDEAS. What is more, someone dare to show another placard that claims : THOSE THAT HAVEN’T GOT DREAMS, SHOULD GET USED TO HAVE MASTERS

It seems that the demostration and supporting groups lasted till 3 p.m. Then someone remebered some words that were wisely said a couple of days ago: since now, we must continue developing our social activities, so that we may never stop. We should even invite more groups to take part in our activities.. and of course, wait till they decide to attack, but this is not up to us

The temporal suspensión of the eviction order leaves la Hamsa in an indefinitedly waiting for a new attempt of eviction. Since yesterday, the police is entitled to evict the house whenever they want. That’s the reason why l’Hamsa calls for a concentration at 11:00 a.m at the underground station of Jaume I (Via Laietana – Jaume I street) the same day that the eviction takes place.

We are not afraid of losing the community centre. In fact, since the first day we knew that one day this adventure would come to its end. We don’t want that their walls turn to be our own jail. What we really want is that the lost of a place that belongs to us (to everybody) doesn’t shock us till the extreme of parálisis, but makes us be able to react and power a huge tide.

LA HAMSA (translated by alvaroherrero10 [at] hotmail [dot] com)