Grenoble, France: urgent call to support a tree-squatting action against the destruction of a park (in order to build a stadium)

Urgent call to support the resistance camp and tree-sit against the destruction of the Paul Mistral Park in Grenoble, France (Grenoble is a city in the east of France, near Lyon, in a river basin at the base of the Alps, which already has a big problem with pollution.)


Since November 3 2003, activists have been occupying the trees in Grenoble’s Paul Mistral Park, to prevent the destruction of part of the Park. More than 300 trees of Grenoble\222s “planetary lungs”, including and old, 200-year-old elm tree are slated to disappear, to make room for a giant football stadium. This elitist sports field and walking field represents one public space being privatized…

A protest campaign was launched by the \223SOS Paul Mistral Park\224 association, using lobbying and other traditional political procedures; this campaign was unable to prevent the project. Since it looked like work on the construction project was about to begin, three initial activists were quickly joined by more than twenty others in deciding to turn to direct action and to permanently occupy the terrain to stop the logging machines and bulldozers from coming in. About ten tree-houses, with mattresses and hammocks, living rooms and cooking spaces, linked by hanging bridges to a 20-foot-high platform, now make up a perpetually-evolving village above the ground.

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London : Kitsch party at the Butt Plug Bar

***Please circulate widely***

The last instalment of the Butt Plug Bar will take place on Friday, the 23rd of January. Join us for a night of delicious queer entertainment, vegan food, cheap and glamorous bar and dancing till all hours.

Info: the butt plug bar is at the Chinaman squat, 52 Dalston Lane, Hackney, London E8. Doors open 8pm and close at 1am, but the party will go on till we all want to go home.

This time the theme is kitsch, camp and trashy glamour, with cabaret, performance and video projections. A dress-up corner will let us all glam up or down.

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Squat action in Umeå, in the north of Sweden

At 31/12 the womens house is squatted in Umeå in north Sweden. The building is threatend with demolition. The police wanted to evict the place but a part of the squatters barricaded themselves in on the upper floor.

When the police returned next day the squatters first told them that they’d be gone the following day. However, the next day they decided to stay and put a note on the door for the police saying they consider the house theirs now. [Read More]