Squat and anarchist news from Poland


  Squat and anarchist news from Poland


Excerpts from WARHEAD – May 2002 issue #16

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More trials against anarchists in Bialystok

There are already few people from local groups charged with various charges. There are also over 40 misdemeanour trials against anarchist from all over Poland who participated in support action outside prison for one of our comrades and few other actions. One of squatters from Bialystok, Jan Stolarski was jailed in Gliwice, after he broke conditions of his release from prison, where he was serving time for assault on a nazi skinhead. His release date is September 2003. Another activist from Bialystok is charged with assault and robbery after he participated in attack on nazi skinheads on a bus stop. Trial of “Rufik”, anti-fascist accused of assault with an dangerous item on a nazi skinhead is going to be finished at the end of May. “Lapa”- another anti-fascist accused of Grevious Body Harm is still waiting for his trial. Other trials also didn’t start yet.

New squats and some news about older ones!

There is a new squat in Czestochowa, in old monasteryJ . It is called “Little Mary”. As for now, no more infos about this squat. In Bialystok “DeCentrum” squat is preparing for some trouble, as city council sold ruins around the squat and all area will be better for investments. There are also plans to squat another building soon. Freedom in Wroclaw as for now managed with all troubles from city council and they are still in control of the building but no one knows for how long and their situation is still unstable.

Women’s Day Celebrations

There was an action in Warsaw as a celebration of Women’s Day. About 400 participants took part in march demanding equal rights for women, availability of abortion and against domestic violence. There was also strong anarcho-feminist presence.

In Bialystok squatters organised a street theatre in the centre of the city, gave leaflets and put banners with feminists slogans etc