Vienna (Austria): Short summary of the raid in EKH

After the Opernballdemonstration, the following house search in the Ernst-Kirchweger House / E.K.H. and the medial mad rush, once more we have to point out some facts:

The E.K.H. defines itself as a free-space for cultural, political and artistic activities. It was squatted in 1990 by activistes of the viennese squatting scene and turkish left-wing organisation ATIGF. As an international, multicultural, antifascist centre it was named after Ernst Kirchweger, an antifascist who was killed during a demonstration in the 1960s.

Independent and autonomous structures and activities established in the house. The Flughafensozialdienst, an organisation to support refugees and migrants got rooms for cases of emergency for asylum seekers and migrants.

An infoshop ( a cafeteria with political book- and newspaper – offer), a public library and an archiv,music-experimenting-room, a sound-studio and workshops developed. The umbrella-organisation of jugoslavian groups and the office of the newspaper TATblatt moved in. KINOKI shows films and documentations, the “Volxtheatre Favoriten” produces operas and pieces.

Concerts, discussions and solidarity-events take place. People from all over the world live in the house. Nobody in the house is working for personal profit, without payment, just for the interests on the project itself. We don`t want, and we don`t get subvention or public support.

With our work, our living-together and political engagement we want to spread an alternative project of living.

In the last few years our work was accomponied by observing, spying, police-troops, who every now and then attack the house.

The house defines itself as a place of discussion, information and resistance against the dominaiting, non-worth-living circumstances of living here and everywhere else.