Portland (Oregon): Squatting/street scenes

A report about squatting in Portland:

As far as the street kid scene here in Portland, our “community” is made up of several loose “families,” the Nihilistic Gutter Punx (of which I am the head) being one of them. There are a wide variety of kids on the streets here- gutter/squatter punx, self-proclaimed “yuppies,” wanna-be gangsters, straight up junkies, etc. While we usually stick to our own select groups, we all tend to back up our fellow street kids when the situation arises. [Read More]

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Amsterdam – Evictions stir up sympathy for the squatters with a socialconscience

The Independent – United Kingdom; Jan 15, 2001 BY ISABEL CONWAY

IVO AND his squatter pals pride themselves on being able to break through any door within two minutes. Heavily bolted and padlocked entrances can be penetrated in less than 30 seconds but it may take a little longer to invade reinforced steel, admits the 27-year-old Dutch university drop- out. [Read More]


Amsterdam’s squatters run out of time and space

[Source: Financial Times.]

EUROPE & AFRICA: Amsterdam’s squatters run out of time and space: Evictions are on the increase as developers seek to turn rundown buildings into luxury flats, writes Gordon Cramb

Financial Times; Jan 2, 2001 By GORDON CRAMB

When Amsterdam police evicted the squatters from Planet Hollywood last month, it signalled what the squatters say is a new determination by the authorities to curb their presence in the city. [Read More]