Zaandam (NL): A squat illegally evicted and resquatted

Werkhuis 2b-squat illegally evicted

Buildingcompany ‘De Wit’ tried to evict ‘Vrankrijk’ before. Then their company-building burnt down and they withdrew their actions. We are surprised that they want another confrontation with squatters, just at the moment they become active in Amsterdam again. Here a report about the squat in Zaandam (north-west of Amsterdam):


First off the werkhuis 2b is the only squat in the centre Zaandam, all the others are anti-squat. It is here in the 2b that i and a few others provide a working space for those brave enough to deal with the dark and cold. carpentry, painting, music and rites of the spirit, this sort of thing. it was squated over six months ago by a leftist political party called de rosa as a statment to the citizens of zaandam, with no intention to have anyone live there. one thing led to another and squaters from two evicted houses ended up staying there until they gave in to signing contracts to get their homes back. i arrived shortly thereafter. last friday there was quite the wind storm that blew a big peice of the roof off next door. not my roof, not my problem, or so i thought. i left for a’dam and came back the next day to a distressed bunch of friends who told me that my locks had been changed the night before when no one was home. the police were lathargic, laughed and told us to take it back. so we did on sunday night, it went smoothly and quietly. i only confirmed who did it this morning. a building company called de wit. they used my place as a way to get to the roof next door. de wit owns the block of buildings that de 2b is a part of.

The address is:
Werkhuis #2b
Nicolaasstraat 2b
Zaandam, across the street from the Zaantheatre.