Maloka in Dijon (France)

Maloka is a french anarchist collective based in Dijon. We organize concerts (mostly punk/hardcore/ska bands but also tekno and raggae sound-systems, or anything independent and political), weekly vegan restaurants, a mailorder catalogue (records, books, fanzines…), some lectures/debates and some demonstrations from time to time. We also run an infoshop, along with the mailorder thing, and a small alternative library. We own a place in Dijon’s city center, which is fairly small, but which hosts most of the activities listed. We’ve been having this place for more than 10 years now, and it has become a nice anarchist center, which we share with other collectives: the CNT, le “Collectif pour des villes sans voitures” (Reclaim The Streets), “La Strumpetoj Ridegas” (an Esperanto group), both a feminist group and a pro-feminist male group.

From these different groups came the idea of squatting a place that would be bigger than the one we already had, in order to do more activities… That’s why the social center “Les Tanneries” was created. Here’s a brief summary of how it all happened… [Read More]

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