Fitzrovia, London: Love Activists find new home

[update evicted january 13]

“We have the facilities to provide television studios and sound proof rooms for anyone who wishes to set up ‘the people’s media outlet’ or something to that effect, this space can not be offered for more than 24 hours unless we can establish it and have occupiers to hold off any eviction attempt in that period. We have an opportunity here to occupy media and spread love through the air waves, let’s not let this escape the hands of the revolutionaries!” – Love Activists, January 6th 2015

The Love Activists direct action group who had occupied the former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) building near Trafalgar Square in December are currently occupying an empty commercial building in Rathbone Place.

The group who had set up a food bank and soup kitchen at the RBS building were evicted by bailiffs and the police on Christmas eve, but undeterred they returned the following day to serve a Christmas lunch for the homeless. [Read More]