Dead city: torturing squatters for a cleaner Barcelona

Note: Regarding this article, it is important to also read the comment about problems with the film and also two texts written as a response, currently only on, “Comunicado de Juan Pintos, detenido/encarcelado/condenado por el montaje del 4F” and “Cuando una imagen no vale más que mil palabras“.

Ashes, blood and orujo mingle with the rain, showering the crowd in front of Barcelona’s city hall. Diana Torres has mixed her beloved Patri’s remains with the eye-watering grape liqueur — famous for its use in invocations — and her own vital fluid. She sprinkles the concoction over just some of the thousands who have gathered in solidarity. “I want vengeance and retribution, that word we inherited from the witches,” she says over the PA, as Cindy Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ reverberates throughout the square. Then she calls for a minute of screaming, and the plaza erupts.
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Barcelona: A Combative May Day Regained

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Just a decade ago, Barcelona was one of just a couple cities in the world known for maintaining a riotous tradition of combative May Day protests, with a strong anarchist presence. In more recent years, however, the First of May has tended to be as peaceful as Christmas. The events organized by the anarchosyndicalists of the CNT and CGT were more like parades, while the other anarchists were largely trapped in a squatting movement that was losing its ability to take the streets. Already by 2007, anarchists were bemoaning the loss of this tradition and attempting to recover it, organizing a May Day black bloc demonstration that was completely shut down by the police. In 2009, evidently recognizing that it would take more than a single year to reverse their losses, anonymous anticapitalists throughout the city organized a week of sabotage and other actions leading up to May Day. On May Day of 2010, they symbolically squatted a luxury hotel. In 2011, they were ready to reclaim their holiday. [Read More]