Zürich: Update from new squats in Altstetten

On Thursday we occupied four houses in Zurich Altstetten. This action is a sign of an inclusive solidarity. Soon the first house will be handed over to people who are constantly excluded from society and forgotten. The current situation varies from house to house. We experienced solidarity reactions from the owners, as well as incomprehension and rejection.

We are often asked why we occupy and do not choose the “legal” way:

1. we stand up for the fact that all people can live self-determined. That they themselves can decide where, how and with whom they live. We have occupied these houses in order to occupy our privilege to share with people who cannot do so themselves due to repression.

2. since the owners* and the state do not make sure that empty properties are used by people who have no living space, we felt compelled to become active ourselves.

3. the action is an unbureaucratic inspiration for the owners and the state to change this, as well as for others to appropriate and revive rooms for themselves. Everyone can do something.

Yesterday’s occupations are a direct help for a few people. We demand that all people have a roof over their heads, which is a home and a safe space As long as this is not given, we will continue.

We stand against any inequality & count on your lived solidarity!

Update from 14.4.20

This morning, we gave the house owner who evicted our occupation last week a second chance to show solidarity. Unfortunately, this chance was once again not taken. We continue to stand by it: A home for all.

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