Athens (Greece): Notara26 issues ultimatum to Greek government

Notara 26 issues ultimatum to Greek government, answering back to the government’s ultimatum to evacuate all squats within 15 days.

From occupied Exarchia we give a 15 days deadline to resign tho all those who dream of the revival of the dictatorship along with their propaganda mechanisms, through beatings, virtual rapes, stripping of women, denial of legal rights, intimidations and surveillance of comrades, workers and students. These are only some of the practices of the increasing repression and onslaught towards the people’s struggle. Their excellence and normality consists of closed borders, closed camps, closed minds and then the smokestacks will follow.
We have been given a 15day deadline. 15 days…
Notara 26 has existed for 1500 days. It has sheltered more than 9000 people from 15 different countries of origin. Hundreds of solidarians from all over the planet have participated in the project. Thousands of different stories. One constant common struggle for solidarity, selforganisation of our lives, acceptance of difference and uniqueness. One struggle in our squat, our neighborhood, the street.

Ideas cannot be supressed. Notara 26 is here and will stay alive !
You cannot evict a movement. Not now, not ever !

Housing squat for refugees/migrants Notara 26
Athens, November 21th, 2019
notara26 [at] riseup [dot] net

Greek state escalates: 15 day ultimatum to the squats – Migrants on Greek islands will soon be imprisoned

The Greek government released 2 statements on november 20th. The far right Nea Demokratia government has set an ultimatim to the squats on the Greek territory and announced that the will imprison migrants on the Greek islands.
The far right government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is escalating the conflict with the anarchist movement. After the bloody repression in Exarchia last Sunday, the government announced th eviction of all squats. Yesterday, the Minister of Citizen Protection issued a 15 day ultimatum to the squatters that are occupying buildings in on the Greek territory, either private of public to evacuate the premises.
“Those who have illegally occupied buildings, public or private, are called upon to evacuate them. If asylum seekers or third-country nationals are housed there, they should be informed that they will be transferred to the mainland’s residence structures. For the purpose of travel, the relevant services of the Ministry of Citizen Protection will contact them. If the buildings are private, in order for the current squatters to remain, they need to contact the owners and agree on lease terms. The deadline for evacuation is 15 days from the publication of this report in the press.”

The 15 day ultimatum will end on the eve before the anniversary of the police murder on Alexandros Grigoropoulos. The ultimatum is nothing else than another declaration of war against the anarchist movement, the fact that the time frame will end on December 5, makes clear the Greek government wants to escalate the conflict and want to spread fear.

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