Groningen, Netherlands: Pino has to stay!

Sociaal_Centrum_Groningen_Pino_Hereweg_97Where there is a will, there is a way. The former pizzaria Pino, at the Hereweg in Groningen is the oldest house in the street and has been on the demolition list for almost 30 years.
Now, 2016, it is the home for creative, free spirits.
Because the place is squatted and its interest is not economical profit, it makes it easier for people to get involved and organise something here. We notice that this activates lots op people! A few examples of activities that have taken place at Pino:
– the March against Monsanto was planned at our table
– we had a benefit evening for a teacher who was raising money for children in Kenia
– because our stage is open to all kinds of music, we get lots of surprising acts. International, but also a lot of local musicians. Almost every week we host live music here. Once we had a Norwegian duo that made music with a beer crate and a loop machine and we also hosted the very first concert of De Kat, a band from Groningen. The Pino is also part of the festival PleuropSonic, during Eurosonic, which attracts a lot of people every year.

But we do more then host music! Every tuesday we have movienight (usually the movie has a political meaning). Shortly ago we began with de Barrelbar (workplace for bikes) very thursday from 16:00 and after this it’s ‘ game cafe’, where people play old fashioned board games.
Every sunday we have eat cafe de Kale Kip, that makes delicious 3 course vegan dinners, suitable for everyone.

We created this page to promote the petition for the Pino! You can share your Pino stories here and invite people to this page, so they can share their stories about Pino and also sign the petition and invite their friends etc…


Sociaal Centrum Groningen, Hereweg 97, 9721 AA Groningen
socialcenter-groningen [at] riseup [dot] net