Everything4Everyone in Response to the Dalston Lane Eviction


The 3 houses adjoining Dalston theatre, occupied since February this year to prevent the planned demolition of the whole site to make way for high rise luxury flats, were evicted at 5am on Wednesday night. Despite having mounted solid barricades throughout the building and kept up regular roof shifts to keep a look-out for the bailiffs, they entered the building via the back of the building, accessing the roof before the occupiers had the chance to effectively resist the eviction.

While the time for the theatre has run out, for us this is not the end of the battle, but only the beginning. Just as the gentrification of Hackney doesn’t end with the demolition of the theatre, so our attempts to work together with women, men, young people, elderly, and all people who are suffering the consequences of plans of “regeneration” that don’t take our future into account, will not end here. We probably all feel doubtful about our chances of winning against the council or government agency that, sooner or later, always manage to get away with their plans. We are just frustrated spectators in our land witnessing everything getting worse, lack of housing and services, lack of health, lack of schools, lack of work, unemployment, criminalization of youth, racism towards ethnic minorities, the destruction of our culture and our history. We can’t accept business as usual. To stand still is to admit defeat. To stand still is to go backward. To stand still is to succumb to the kind of deprivation that we’re witnessing. To stand up is to win, to not give up is to win, to organize, to cooperate with each other is to win.

We ask the whole population of Dalston and Hackney, of every color, race, creed, those who are already members of organizations, associations, groups, and everyone else who feels affected in any way by irresponsible plans for regeneration, to gather with us this coming Sunday 5th November at the peace mural (in the little square opposite 4 Dalston Lane) for a public assembly at 6 p.m. It will be an open space for everyone to talk together and listen to each other about the ways that the council´s plans for `regeneration´ affect us all, and to talk together about ways of organising our community for the benefit of everyone, and ways in which we can prevent more buildings being sold off for the benefit of the few, a process that will not stop unless we stand up together to prevent the destruction of our community.

:::We will continue with the activities we hold in the square every Sunday::: From 4 p.m. Vegan food will be available under the banner “FOOD not BOMBS” and from 8.30 p.m. we will project documentaries that tell the story of social struggles from around the world.

We will also be opening a new space in the local area as soon as we can to carry on with the community project we initiated in February. Anyone interested in helping out with getting the new space ready, or working with us once it´s opened, please come along to chat to us on Sunday, or reply to this e-mail address.

In solidarity