Paris: European Communist Parties vs. Squats, European Social Forum Actions

Here is an english translation of the Indymedia Paris article about communist parties evicting squats, which was originally published in French here.

European Communist Parties vs. Squats : European Social Forum Actions

When the various European Communist Parties evict squats: action in support of the Ernst Kirchweger House, the only large squatted social center in Vienna, and the “La Charade” squat in St.-Martin d’Hères, during the ESF.
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Grenoble, France : La Charade has been evicted

La Charade has been opened in october 2002 and did lots of activities : debates, film projections, free zone, feminist space, free library, etc.

The owner of the building is the “communist” mayor of Saint-Martin-d’Hères. Soooooo communist is this eviction….

If you read french, check “actualités” on or

The struggle continues !

An evicted squatter of la Charade