Leipzig: EWI – this is only the beginning

20151219_Leipzig_EWI_erst_der_AnfangWe will keep going next year!

We squatted rooms in the EWI (faculty of education) together with los of different people to show, that it is possible to realize our political demands. The squatting happened as an act of basic democratically organized civil disobedience.

The rooms here are to small for a Social Center For All and for next year they will probably be used as a communal housing for refugees. Therefore we ended the squatting with a demonstration to the city hall to stress on our demand for an appropriate building!

After the last 2 days, we will try to spend some time in reflection and think about how to pick up on what happened. As a fact: The Occupation of EWI was a big success for us! By squatting we reached the aim to raise attention. There’s no way not to see we are here! We achieved, that public and politics opened for the project, so for now we are in a good position to get closer to our goal: having a Social Center for All! [Read More]

Leipzig: the EWI is squatted!

leipzig_ewiActivists recently squatted several rooms of the unused “Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät” of the University Leipzig (Karl-Heine Straße 22b)! 🙂

We demand space for a “Social Center for All”. Around 80 people are participating, there is food and we will continue our discussion. Join us!

update for tonight:
– at 8:30pm we decided to squat the old library of the University, which is not in use anymore. It is located at Karl-Heinse Str. 22b in the building of “Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät”
– there has been between 60 and 100 motivated people all the time.
– we really had disturbing discussions with the university administration. In between we faced absurd threats and police got ready to move in.. in the end negotiations worked out and we will stay till the morning, at least!
– tomorrow we will move on: planing, networking, more discussion about what we want to do.
Come by and participate! Breakfast at 8, see you tomorrow! [Read More]