Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): International call for actions in solidarity with the World Cup prisioners. The trials begin on the 16th December.

On July 12, the day before the World Cup final match, the Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested 19 activists, aiming at disintegrating the big protest scheduled for the final’s day, on the grounds that they would have taken part in “violent” acts in riots last year and they would be planning other actions in the final manifestation of the World Cup. In total 23 search warrants and arrest and temporary detention were met against people accused of participating in social movements, the mandates were 5 days of probation, four people managed to escape the police kidnapping.

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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Police arrest activists just before the final game of the World Cup

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, the eve of the World Cup final, around 20 activists were arrested in Rio de Janeiro. 60 search warrants and orders for temporary detention were issued against people listed as participants in social movements. So far 20 of them have been fulfilled. Those arrested will spend 5 days in jail. The activists were taken to the Cidade da Policia (Police city) of Rio de Janeiro, a large complex of precincts created to centralize police intelligence and activity. Later, those arrested will be sent to the penitentiary complex of Bangu.
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15th May – International Day Against the World Cup

International Day Against the World Cup

cartaz-15m_web-1-inglesWhich is and will be the legacy of the 2014 soccer world cup?

8 deaths during the renovation of / in the soccer arenas of the world cup and 3 deaths in arenas which follow the same standards;
250.000 people forcefully removed from their homes;
Street vendors and independent artists who are forbidden to work;

Women, children and adolescents who suffer from sexual exploitation;
Homeless people who suffer violence and ”hygienization” (are expelled from the downtown area);
Private corporations taking care of public space and streets;
Elitization of the soccer stadiums;
Billions invested in armament of the police to use against the people;
Laws declaring state of emergency and criminalizing demonstrations;
And an immense and questionable public debt the people will have to pay. [Read More]

European Info Tour Against the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

An European Info-tour Against the 2014 World Cup in Brazil began at the 24th May. The meaning of this Info-tour is to present the situation in this country, to explain the social conflicts and to support the riots. This tour is also in benefit to the “Anarchist Black Cross” Rio Janeiro, because the experiences from the last riots in Brazil and the application of the Special Security Laws during the coming World Cup shows that the level of repression will be very high.

The Info-tour already passed by France, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic. This week we’re gonna pass by Poland. Then, we’re gonna have other dates in Germany, Switzerland and France. You can check the next tour dates on the article:

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