Brighton: Radical Bank communique2

So today [open day june 15] was a roaring success!

We hosted various workshops throughout the day from first-aid to digital security. We curated various film exhibitions from local artists and activists. We were able to provide free vegan food all day, and all manner of artwork was created to adorn the space. All in all we received overwhelming support for our ongoing project and with much respect and gratitude we would like to thank everybody for the time and energy devoted, it was truly beautiful to see so many people interacting with the space we have worked so hard to make safe, available and free for everybody to enjoy!
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Madrid Drama: Patio Maravillas 2 EVICTED… Patio Maravillas 3 OCCUPIED

patio maravillasadapted from Diagonal, (original en castellano abajo)

Patio Maravillas (the Wonder-Full Patio) is a famous occupied  and self-run social centre in Madrid .

Just twelve hours after the brutal eviction of its occupied centre in Madrid, the Patio Maravillas has seized another property to continue their amazing leaderless project in the city.

The eviction came just before the extreme reactionary PP have to hand over power in Madrid Council to a left wing ‘citizens coalition’ led by Manuela Carmena, ( of the Ahora Madrid popular movement),    and is seen as a revenge attack.

continues here *photos + español :

397,954 Evictions: Anti Eviction Movement Demands Spanish Govt Quit

The PAH requires the government to resign en bloc 

By Platform  of those Affected by Mortgages   PAH

Once again, data from the General Council of the Judiciary  show the stark reality: that of the thousands of families subjected to the suffering of the implementation process and mortgage evictions and rent.


..”Carmen and her kids were evicted this morning, I was arrested with 13 others for trying to stop it.. her case is that of thousands of people: a sad daily reality in our society..”

 Data from the first quarter of 2015 confirm the trend of the last seven years,  that do not stop evictions  which increase quarter over quarter and confirms the trend that are now more evictions for rent than mortgage. In Spain, despite the opacity and the precariousness of the available data, there have been more than 397 954 evictions since the ”crisis” began in 2008. [Read More]

Emmen (NL): 10 years Huize Spoorloos

It all started 10 years ago.
The first building was squatted in 2005 by ‘squatgroup Emmen’; an industrial building at the railway platform.
Various initiatives arose spontaneously, amongst others the giveaway store, and an open jam-session on Saturday evenings.
After 1.5 years we had to move away from the railway tracks and ‘moved around’ until in 2007 we came to the ING bank building where we still are now. [Read More]

Brighton: Radical Bank

I am writing on behalf of The Radical Bank of Brighton & Hove. We are a diverse group of people who have come together partly in response to the deprivations of the austerity measures enacted by European governments. We refuse to accept their claims that austerity is necessary, indeed, we understand that it has done nothing to improve economic health. Instead, we recognise that this current economic regime has only resulted in impoverishment and misery; it is a means of weakening the public infrastructures relied on by so many, for the purposes of privatization and profit. We refuse to watch as our future is sold to the highest bidder. In response, we have recently reclaimed an abandoned building on 1 Preston Road, in Brighton, previously used as a bank.
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Camden: Queer punx squat Black Cap

Taken from Gay Star News

‘It’s not exclusively about gay rights or sexuality,’ explains George from the doorstep of his current abode on 171 Camden High Street. ‘For most people it’s about finding a home. We don’t want to be homeless…’

London’s gay scene is still reeling from the shock closure of Camden’s Black Cap – one of the capital’s most iconic gay taverns – in April. So much so, protestors are still holding vigils outside it every Saturday. But the latest chapter in the building’s colorful history could prove the most compelling yet.
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Liège, Belgium: Opening of new squat, La Boucanière

Because we need spaces to exist and as numerous empty buildings are subject to property speculation, we decided to occupy La Boucanière.

La Boucanière is a space self-managed, anarchist, feminist and queer, organised in an affinity manner.

A space where we would especially like to de-construct and revolutionize our relationships to animals, genders, the environment, and towards others… [Read More]

Poznań (Poland): Attack on Squot Od:Zysk and anarchist bookshop

Yesterday we were once again witnesses to how being “antisystem” works in the case of the far right. Nationalists, who have been infiltrating community of football fans for years, are trying to use the popularity of football. After yesterday’s match, the “opponents” of power didn’t take the opportunity to attack the building that is represented by Platforma Obywatelska (the ruling party) – the Voivodship Office
Their “antisystem” approach is represented by smashing windows of an anarchist bookshop/cafe “Zemsta”. 40 people broke windows and destroyed the gate of the building. However, banks, including those responsible for harassment of tenants and brutal evictions, remained untouched.
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Den Haag: City takes De Vloek to court. The fight goes on!

Last Friday (5-6-2014), the city of The Hague summoned social center De Vloek to court to expedite the eviction of De Vloek. On July 9th, we have to appear in court for summary proceedings. In this way, the city is also blocking its hollow offer for a replacement location.

On May 27th, the city of The Hague demanded in a letter that we agree to voluntarily depart from De Vloek before July 1st 2015. However, it is in no way apparent that the construction plans are ready for the Top Sailing Center which they want to build in the same location as De Vloek. Our lawyer has made several requests to the city to discuss documents which show that the preparations for the sailing center are in order. The city has repeatedly refused, and our question has also been rejected. Our lawyer has asked for 5 days deferment for the unrealistic response time, but this was also rejected. Thus, we haven’t been able to gain any insight into the actual progress of the plans. The city is purposely trying to build up toward a lawsuit. [Read More]

Peterborough Squatters Autonomy Updates

Peterborough Squatters Autonomy (PSA) is a Peterborough Collective of Squatter & Activists working to combat the state and highlight homeless in the city.

Here are some recent updates:
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Spain: Pandora, Piñata and beyond, we will retaliate!

Demonstration and day of action
June 13th, Barcelona, Plaça de Sants, 18:30
Call for International Solidarity

The last few years have seen an increasing wave of repression against Anarchists and other radicals, here in Spain, best characterized by the police operations Pandora and Piñata. Acting in response to movements, uprisings and upheavals across the country, particularly in Cataluña, the state has arrested dozens of comrades, often under the pretext of anti-terrorism. The result has been to foster a climate of fear and in-action. [Read More]

Spanish state: Three of five prisoners of Operación Piñata released

The Audiencia Nacional (spanish special court) has ordered the release without bail of three of the five people that were still in preventive prison, arrested under the Operación Piñata last 31th of March. According to what was declared to Diagonal newspaper by one of the lawyers who represents the defendants of Operación Piñata, Daniel Amelang, they are now waiting that the court decides about the freedom of the other two persons that are still in preventive prison.
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