Zurich : BINZ, after May 31st the Binz squat is in threat of eviction

After May 31st the Binz squat is in threat of eviction. The Canton Zurich wants to tear down the former factory buildings as soon as possible and pass over the property to ‘Stiftung Abendrot’ by spring 2014.


The beginning of the construction is planned for October 2014 and the project for the construction from ‘Stiftung Abendrot’ is still in planning.

That’s why:

We want to and we have to defend and preserve every alternative living space.
Call for creative resistence against the tearing down of the squatted factory Binz.
We don’t wish escalation provoked by Binz.
Come by and rock the BINZ.
We start with Vokü (people’s kitchen) on May 17th 20 [Read More]

Amsterdam (The Netherlands): May 2013 Joe’s Garage Program


Welcome to post gentrification. Forget about affordable housing, these words are gone from the vocabulary. In Amsterdam, the price per meter square is higher in social housing than on the market price. Tenants are waiting in temporary housing for a proper one. These anti-squatters, also called “guardians” to preserve their image, haven’t been given the rights of a normal tenant. They even pay to guard houses. Not only young people and students live in this precariat. Anti-squat companies have seen their benefits exploding in recent years, while former social housing corporations have been cashing big money and forgotten since long about their social purpose.
People who can’t afford to live in the city have to go. They are denied the right to live in the city, they are made feeling guilty and ashamed of being social tenants. Our policy makers want people to move around in this monetary driven housing market. Social dramas on individual scales are common, people can’t sell back their house, the money they make is used to pay back mortgages. In Germany, a group like Recht Auf Stadt put back these issues on the political agenda. Some political parties have now an opinion about that. In the Netherlands, the discourse is still the same, “there is no problem”. SNS nationalised, the Russian roulette game has reached money lender Rabobank. For how long? [Read More]

Lewes (UK): Sussex squat project

This week for Mayday a group of squatters opened a community centre in Lewes as part of the ‘Stop the G8’ anti-capitalism movement. The centre has an organic, locally grown, donations based vegetable shop, a comfy tea room, a well stocked free shop, and a sunny garden.

Everyday workshops are being held on things such as Fracking and extreme energy, Combe Haven defenders, stop the G8, Hunt sabbing etc.
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[Spain] This is not a demonstration – Actions, constructions and revolutionary turns to save the world

From : http://takethesquare.net

In the past two years we have completely reinvented the way we try to transform the world into a place where life does not hurt. The old demonstrations, so grey and limited, become obsolete and useless, and have given way to an infinity of possibilities. We rethought the action, the complaint, the relationships, the public, the common, and our imagination has completely overwhelmed the space of what is possible, building already new worlds inside the old structure of this one. We collect here a list of dozens of actions and constructions that we have organized during these two years, sharing all of them that brightness of the new, that smell so special that returns us the confidence in us, and announces what is to come. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

[Original Spanish version of the compilation in this link]

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London, May 12th: NO Evictions! Campaigning and Protest in the Context of the Housing Crisis

Today, many people are facing eviction because of the unfair welfare changes which will force people into debt and arrears. How can we campaign to keep people in their homes? Join us for an afternoon of housing related discussion, international skill sharing, developing ideas for creative protest action and networking!

Speakers are housing activists from Berlin and Barcelona, Isabel Counihan-Sanchez from the Counihan campaign, a solicitor and the Branch Chair of Unite Housing workers Paul Kershaw, a former anti-poll tax activist.