Athens (Greece): Solidarity with squats and self-organized spaces


In a legality that is plundering our lives, we remain clusters of illegality.


Squats and self-organized social centres are parts of the liberated timespace. They are utopian cracks in the midst of a process of social desolation that the dominators are trying to impose. They are social bulwarks against fascism. Within them they harbor the seed of subversion. In these spaces we experiment with the structures that we dream about. We try to promote the anti-commercial and self-organized expression through gigs and theatre performances. We create zones of counter-information through radio stations and internet projects. We develop the collective self-education with open-for-all lessons. We develop social solidarity with infirmaries and collective kitchens. In this way we are slowly trying, in every city and neighbourhood, to create and promote the kind of relationships and ideas that will overthrow this reign of slavery that has been imposed upon us. [Read More]

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Amsterdam (The Netherlands): December 2012 Joe’s Garage program

The weather may be cooling down but the conflicts are still heating up:
The French Prime Minister is green in the gills about his Green coalition partners opposition to his private airport, not to mention his private security police cutting out the supports of the platform they stand on like their political masters do. The Mexican government is still un-comradely with the comrades of Guadalajara and the southern mountains of Chiapas. The Belgian government is still not modifying it’s position on Monsanto, the modifier (and seller) of nature.
And closer to home the refugees will have to seek refuge from their nutty village in Osdorp, west Amsterdam where the Labour Party (former housing corporation lawyer) mayor has recently announced a prohibition of protests at the refugee protest camp, and the defeated squatters who wouldn’t need another hot eviction wave haven’t given up even after the latest heated wave of evictions, not to mention the never ending battle between the beleaguered Saint Nikolaas and the American invader Santa.
And here in Joe’s Garage we’ve had inspiring evenings with the visit from two ZADists, the Mexican provinces, the village of the refugees and many more places.
But don’t think we will be sleeping cozy by the yuletide fire because we have many events in store even now, with or without a hoodie!
This month we have various benefits : Anarchist Black Cross Mexico, Mapuche Indian communities from Chile, FLM (Field Liberation Movement), various movie nights with In Time, Standard Operating Procedure, Larks on a String, Mars Attacks!, and even a sneak preview super 8 night on the barricades against Santa Inc. And let us not forget the free freegan sermons every Wednesday. [Read More]