Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Operation Obelix, a menhir in your face, Ayrault!

Story of the assaults and looting by the forces of capitalist destruction. Written thanks to the testimony of many friends.

*Le Sabot* –  Tuesday,

We woke up at 5:00am and had coffee together. The cops showed up by the Paquelais road around 7:00am at daybreak. We got the info that the cops had attacked the south barricade. They moved without the usual three warnings, they spent thirty seconds at the burning barricade before getting some paint-eggs in their faces. They secured the whole road from the Far Ouezt to Sabot. Clashes occured at the first barricades of the Sabot. Cops managed to bypass the barricades through the fields and make us move back by copiously spraying tear gas in our faces. Sixty of us charged the cops. An exchange of various colourful projectiles and colorful shots against their tear gas. Cops and officials are forced to retreat, suffocated by their own tear gas, those big assholes. We spend all the afternoon in a tense face off. [Read More]

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): About evictions and current resistance

From tuesday morning (16th of october), the ZAD has been invaded and occupied 24 hours a day by hundreds of policemen. They are putting down, step by step, the occupied houses and huts. They destroy and take them away, brick by brick, out of the area to prevent us rebuilding or resisting.

Places and gardens still occupied are regularly harassed, covered with tear gas, trampled… Police try to prevent us gathering and having meetings. From tuesday, occupying people and people who joined us in the area answered back with barricades, by blocking the roads the cops use, reoccupations, throwing things, fire, insult and sarcasm… For four days now, under the rain, hundreds of people defend the area whatever it takes, against the police, and plan to stay there. Demonstrations, actions take place every night in Nantes, and other towns. And it’s not over. [Read More]

Amsterdam (The Netherlands): November 2012 Joe’s Garage program

Get ready, a European Strike is announced for November 14th. Would governments fear a global insurrection? The deepening crisis is spreading like a plague. Chaos hasn’t reached the Netherlands yet. The Dutch government has never spent so much money on security per capita as now. Travelling anonymously is becoming a luxury. Your moves and communications are being traced, recorded and analysed. And you still worry about your privacy?
Another fear is visible, in Greece. The one for every migrant walking in the street. Golden Dawn has infiltrated all layers of society. The myth of a superior race hasn’t yet vanished. International solidarity is more needed than ever for Greece for those fighting fascism and facing repression on a daily basis. In the Netherlands, refugees are building camps in cities. There is lots of work to be done in front of your own door. Your active participation at Joe’s Garage is also welcome. Choose your day.

This month, Joe’s goes out again, to the Bajesdorp Festival and to the Krugerplein to celebrate a sustainable Transvaalbuurt. Further, you can drop by on a benefit night; for the Osdorp Notweg refugee camp, for the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign, for the people getting arrested on November 14th, for the Roomtuintje Oostbos and for the ZAD in France. You can inform yourself about Zapatistas at the Infonight Zapatista Indigenous Communities in Chiapas, or you can join the cosy cinema on sunday night with Loners, Freedom Ahead or Jonas will be 25 in the year 2000. Joe’s Garage is open six days a week, thanks to you. [Read More]