London: Squat exhibition opening in Tufnell Park/Holloway

In response to badly biased mainstream media coverage, the threat of new laws criminalising squatting, and the Dale Farm eviction, a new squat exhibition will open this week to offer the public an alternative viewpoint and show the positive side of squatting, and its connection to providing solutions rather than causing problems.

In a perfect example of how squatting can be a positive experience, the organisers have held conversations and meetings with the current owner of the building and have not only negotiated a temporary stay with the opening of the exhibition to the public, but also the possibility of some rent-free space at a local theatre school to continue the exhibition on an ‘official’ basis.

The new centre can be found at 2-4 Tufnell Park Road N7 0DL just behind the Holloway Road Multiplex Odeon.

The organisers are asking for artists, photographers and other creatives to donate work towards the exhibition, highlighting the contrast between the recent rising demonisation of squatting with a celebration of diy culture, a look at the history of squatting and positive images of successful squatted social centres. they are looking for photographs or art works on the theme of squatting, travelling and protest.

The exhibition will also focus on the stupidity of having empty buildings unused when homelessness is increasing due to the “austerity cut” assault on the poorest people in our society.

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